St Martin’s Sundays

St Martins

Congregation Albert families began working with St. Martin’s Hospitality Center in late 2012. SMHC provides meals for Albuquerque’s homeless population every morning of the week, year round.

The “St Martin’s Sundays” program is designed so that community members, through their congregations, can participate weekly and allow the SMHC staff a day of rest. We are happy to join the many other schools and faith organizations that participate throughout the year.

This is also a wonderful opportunity for Congregation Albert families to volunteer with their children, as there is always a way for the younger ones to participate and begin working on Tikkun Olam and mitzvah projects.

2016  – December 25th (annually)

2017 –  March 26, September 24

To Support St. Martin’s Hospitality Center:

Do a little or do a lot…. Customizing your mitzvah is easy!

4 Ways to Volunteer:

  1. Serve on a CA Sunday at St. Martin’s:December 25
  2. Ask for donations from local businesses & neighbors (There’s a sample letter attached for you to use!)
  3. Help get the word out!
  4. Provide breakfast foods

4 Ways to Provide Food:

  1. Donate cash!
  2. Donate specific grocery items
  3. Prepare frozen casseroles at your convenience (Recipes and Instructions are also attached!)
  4. Join the cooking marathon at the synagogue the afternoon before the current date

For more information on St Martin’s Services, you can also visit

For more information on how to get involved with SMHC through Congregation Albert, please contact Rachel Brookins at

Casserole Preparation Instructions

Casserole Recipes